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because we want it *cough*inourbeds*cough*

Beefy Furs in a Yiffy State-of-Mind
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Simple enough...a place dedicated to the posting and display of all matter of beefy furry muscle pr0ns.


(1) You must be 18+ to be a member. If you wish to join, please make sure that your full birthdate (month/day/year) is shown in your profile. If it isn't, you will be denied :(

(2) Furry_Muscle is a gay community. Males only, please.

(3) Because of our horny furries in the workplace, please keep all adult material behind an LJ-Cut. We know they shouldn't do it, but can you blame them?

(4) If what lies behind your LJ-Cut contains hardcore or alternative material (ex. rape, incest, vore, watersports, scat, etc.), please give us a warning beforehand.

(5) If the material you're posting doesn't belong to you or wasn't created by you, please make sure that it comes from a credible source, i.e some place that the artist wouldn't mind seeing you link from.
*NOTE: Because of the anonymity of file-hosters, they cannot be considered non-credible, and images from them are thusly allowed.

(6) DO NOT be disrespectful to others! It's a little pet peeve of mind, so please don't do it, because I won't hesitate to kick you out.

(7) Please try to keep all open discussion related to furry muscle. Not many of us want to hear about what you had for breakfast yesterday :P

(8) I know this goes without saying, but have fun. I automatically love all of you for joining, and I really want you to have a blast. Just make sure you clean yourself up once you're finished ;)

Other Info:

(1) All means of muscle yiff are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to post videos, pictures, artwork, animation/flash, poetry, stories, RP or chat dialogue, personal experiences, whatever.

(2) Remember what Kurrel the Raven said: "both the animal and the viewer are furry", so if you want to show off your RL muscle bod, nude or clothed, go right ahead. I'm sure we'd like to see it.

(3) Introductions in posts are welcome :D